Severa ipocalcemia conseguente all’assunzione orale di citrato in un paziente in emodialisi cronica



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Hemodialysis, Hypocalcaemia, Oral Citrate, Parapharmaceuticals, Vascular access failure


We report a case of an 81-year-old man with end stage renal disease (ESRD) in chronic hemodialysis with severe hypocalcaemia secondary to the intake of a parapharmaceutical containing sodium and potassium citrate and in association with poor dialysis efficiency, due to malfunction of the vascular access, which promptly resolved after discontinuation of the supplement. The patient never showed signs or symptoms of hypocalcaemia. This case highlightens the importance of a correct pharmacological reconciliation in dialysis patients in order to avoid the onset of adverse events due to the uncontrolled intake of drugs or parapharmaceuticals.

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Gallo M, Aterini S, Bandini S, Bergesio F, Ciciani AM, Aterini L, Calderini F, Balboni F. Severa ipocalcemia conseguente all’assunzione orale di citrato in un paziente in emodialisi cronica. G Clin Nefrol Dial [Internet]. 13 settembre 2021 [citato 11 agosto 2022];33(1):91-4. Available at:



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