Cost-effectiveness analysis of caplacizumab in the new standard of care for immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura in Italy


  • Giovanni Di Minno Regional Reference Center for Coagulation Disorders, Federico II University Hospital, Naples - Italy
  • Roberto Ravasio HEOR and RWE Lead, Market Access Provider, Milan - Italy



Caplacizumab, Cost-effectiveness, Hospital, Immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, Orphan drug, Rare blood disorders


Objectives: To evaluate the cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) of caplacizumab in combination with plasmapheresis (PEX) and immunosuppression compared to PEX and immunosuppression in the treatment of acute episodes of iTTP.

Methods: A Markov model was used to conduct the CEA from the perspective of the hospital, over a lifetime horizon. Clinical data derived from HERCULES trial and a systematic literature review. Economic input included direct costs only. Utility and disutility values were obtained from literature. Data on healthcare resources and costs were retrieved from HERCULES trial, literature, TTP guidelines and Italian tariffs. A sensitivity analysis was conducted. The cost-effectiveness probability was tested for several options of discount levels considering a suggested willingness to pay (WTP) threshold of € 60,000 in Italy.

Results: The use of caplacizumab in combination with PEX and immunosuppression is associated with a positive difference in survival of 3.27 life years (24.53 vs 21.26) and in quality of life of 3.06 QALY (22.01 vs 18.96) when compared to PEX and immunosuppression. Caplacizumab leads to an ICER per life years of € 41,653 and an ICER per QALY of € 44,572. For the suggested WTP threshold, the probability of caplacizumab being cost-effective is 82.4% (no discount), 92.8% (15% discount), 95.3% (20% discount), 96.9% (25% discount) and 98.2% (30% discount).

Conclusions: Caplacizumab in addition to PEX and immunosuppression is cost-effective, allowing the hospital to achieve greater efficiency in managing the burden of a life-threatening disease such as iTTP.


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Di Minno, G., & Ravasio, R. (2021). Cost-effectiveness analysis of caplacizumab in the new standard of care for immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura in Italy. Global and Regional Health Technology Assessment, 8(1), 43–52.



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