Primary nursing: a Varese un Progetto sinergico tra infermieri e medici per aumentare l’adesione terapeutica dei pazienti nefropatici

  • Laura Bardelli Coordinatore Infermieristico, S.C. Nefrologia e Dialisi, ASST dei Sette Laghi, Varese - Italy
  • Stefania Bordiga Infermiera, S.C. Nefrologia e Dialisi, ASST dei Sette Laghi, Varese - Italy
  • Roberta Foglia Infermiera, S.C. Nefrologia e Dialisi, ASST dei Sette Laghi, Varese - Italy
Parole chiave: Chronic Disease, Compliance, Nursing, Therapy


The World Health Organization (WHO) defines therapeutic adherence as “the extent to which a patient’s behavior – in taking medications, following a diet and/or making lifestyle changes – corresponds to the recommendations of health professionals in charge”.
Chronic disease is permanent and requires by the patient an active attitude to reach and maintain a state of well-being, and to be often subject to long periods of supervision, observation and care.
Trust must therefore be established between patient and healthcare professionals.
This is the reason why it is not correct to discuss compliance. The main difference is that therapeutic adherence requires the patient’s agreement with the prescriptions: patients should be an active partner in their own care and communication between the patient and healthcare professionals is required for an efficient clinical practice.



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