Focus on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

AMR has been widely recognized as a global threat to public health with severe socioeconomic impact. Antibiotic-resistance has been responsible for >700,000 deaths every year, and the discovery rate of novel antimicrobials has failed to keep pace with the spread of resistance in clinical settings, generating an urgent need to allocate dedicated resources.

We thank Dr Vijay Kothari from Nirma University (India) who, as Guest Editor, coordinated this focus on AMR: it features articles on antibiotic-resistant infections, particularly those involving pathogens listed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as Priority Pathogens. 

AMR research: a perspective from personal experience
Vijay Kothari

Understanding the environmental drivers of clinical azole resistance in Aspergillus species
Pooja Sen, Mukund Vijay, Shweta Singh, Saif Hameed, Pooja Vijayaraghvan

Current molecular approach for diagnosis of MRSA: A meta-narrative review
Yi Xing Sim, Qiao Wei Lee, Aisha Abushelaibi, Kok-Song Lai, Swee Hua Erin Lim, Sathiya Maran

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria originating from the gut may modulate the mucosal immune response during sepsis and septic shock
Swinder Jeet Singh Kalra, Hari Shankar, Nasim Mansoori, Dablu Lal Gupta

Original research articles
MRSA Carriage among Healthcare Workers in a Vietnamese Intensive Care Unit: A Prospective Cohort Study
Thuy Bich Duong, Minh Cuong Duong, James Campbell, Minh Hoang Van Nguyen, Huu Hien Nguyen, Hanh Thi Bich Bui, Chau Van Vinh Nguyen, Anita Heywood

Exploring the inhibitory mechanisms of indazole compounds against SAH/MTAN-mediated quorum sensing utilizing QSAR and docking
Sisir Nandi, Mohit Kumar, Rashmi Kumari, Aaruni Saxena

Success of Fourteen Days Triple and Quadruple Therapy for the Control of Helicobacter Pylori Infections in District Kohat
Syed Fahim Shah, Sohail Aziz Paracha, Somaid Iqbal, Sadir Zaman, Aisha Gul, Iqbal Muhammad, Mudassir Hussain, Waheed Ullah

Antimicrobial resistance surveillance system mapping in different countries
Ramendra Pati Pandey, Riya Mukherjee, Chung-Ming Chang

Redefining genomic view of Clostridioides difficile through pangenome analysis and identification of drug targets from its core genome
Nikita Chordia Golchha, Anand Nighojkar, Sadhana Nighojkar

Short communication
Unmet needs for management of drug resistant infections
Monica Sharma, Kamini Walia, Nitin Bansal