Self archiving and sharing policy

Authors may share their work following these indications.

The submitted version (Author Original Manuscript) before peer review, which an author can share freely, including social media or scholarly collaboration networks, personal websites or preprints servers intended for non-commercial use. Posting on a preprint server is not considered duplicate publication. If you post your submitted version anywhere, we ask you that, upon acceptance, you will provide an acknowledgment as follows:

“This article has been accepted for publication in [JOURNAL TITLE], published by AboutScience”. Please note that a DOI is available upon acceptance and we encourage you to use it."


The accepted version (Accepted Manuscript) including revisions after peer review but before copyediting or typesetting by the publisher may be shared on any website, through social media channels or distributing electronic copies for personal, non-commercial use.

We recommend that after publication you add an acknowledgement to your post as follows:

“This is the accepted version of an article published by AboutScience in [JOURNAL TITLE] on [date of publication], DOI:[add article doi]"


The final published PDF (Version of Record) after copy-editing and typesetting, may be freely shared using the DOI and a link to the publisher’s own copy and a citation in a format similar to this:

"Author(s), article Title, Journal Title (Volume Number) pp. xx-xx. Copyright © [year] (Copyright Holder). DOI: [DOI number]"