HTA regulation: how is Italy moving?


  • Francesca Patarnello Vice-President Market Access & Government Affairs, AstraZeneca Italia, Milano - Italy



Early Access, Health Technology Assessment (HTA), Pricing and Reimbursement, Unmet need


Within the European evolutionary framework concerning citizens’ health, the focus shifts to the new HTA regulation, set to alter processes and influence decision-making at the individual country level regarding reimbursement and pricing. The ambitious goal of achieving faster and more uniform access will significantly reshape the evaluative model stabilized over the years, characterized by the creation of different rules and processes among member states and diverse output timelines across the countries.

The imminent adoption of a more collaborative process necessitates member countries and companies to address several steps to ensure a smooth transition without penalizing the unique aspects of individual countries or impeding real access. Italy, actively participating in European preparatory activities with AIFA, faces challenges in adapting its formal process due to AIFA’s ongoing reform since November 2022, which is not yet materialized.

National-level companies heavily depend on leadership and involvement rules from their HTA agencies, with the risk that agencies with more established engagement models with external stakeholders may present themselves on January 12, 2025, the start date of the new process for oncological and ATMP drugs, better prepared and may excel in designing scoping meetings and in formulating PICO.

Therefore, the activation of a country culture of HTA and a robust and extended “readiness” phase involving all stakeholders are desirable, along with the establishment of collaboration networks with universities and scientific societies to make valuable knowledge and qualified resources more readily available, crucial element for the delicate transition from the old to the new evaluative system.


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