Regional administrative data and their role in planning, programming and controlling at regional level


  • Irene Marzona Dephaforum Srl, Project Management, Milano - Italy
  • Paolo Stella Regione Puglia, Sezione Farmaci, Dispositivi Medici e Assistenza Integrativa, Bari - Italy
  • Gianluca Trifirò Università degli Studi di Verona, Dipartimento di Diagnostica e Sanità Pubblica, Verona - Italy
  • Giovanni Corrao Assessorato Welfare, Regione Lombardia, Milano - Italy



Real-world data, Real-world evidence, Regression analysis, Regulatory affairs


Regional administrative data may help public administrations in organizing their information, identifying problems, defining solutions and verifying results of the actions taken.

The objective of this work is to present the discussion output of the working group (GDL) “The use of regional pharmaceutical data to facilitate health planning and outcome monitoring” which was held during the Regional Pharmaceutical Policy Forum of 2023.

The GDL focused on identifying a model for planning, programming and monitoring health resources based on the data-driven approach and on the use of already existing regional administrative data, defining some gaps and developing proposals to implement this strategy. In particular, were highlighted the needs to adopt a broader perspective that considers healthcare costs as a whole (and not, specifically, oriented towards the governance of pharmaceutical assistance), to create ad-hoc training courses focused on the use of real-world data, and, similarly to some European Countries, to move towards an open access policy (accessible data) that can be useful to improve citizens’ health protection services, in compliance with the GDPR.


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Marzona, I., Stella, P., Trifirò, G., & Corrao, G. (2024). Regional administrative data and their role in planning, programming and controlling at regional level. Global and Regional Health Technology Assessment, 11(1), 101–104.



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Received 2024-01-18
Accepted 2024-03-30
Published 2024-04-25


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