Artwork guidelines

Introducing high-quality figures in your submission will convey data and information which may be necessary for better understanding the research process and the results of your manuscript. If figures are submitted in high quality, it will enhance the reader’s experience and your research. We aim to obtain a uniform look for all artwork contained in a single article and our guidelines aim to assist you in providing us artwork in the most suitable format as we require high resolution files for all images in your submission.

Download the artwork guidelines here

If you reproduce figures that have already been published elsewhere you must obtain written permission from the copyright owner. You must acknowledge the original source by including a reference citation in the figure legend and provide us with copy of the permission.

Figure subission checklist

•Figure files are in the correct format (EPS, TIFF, JPEG), 300 DPI resolution
•Colour images are provided in CYMK
•The physical dimensions of the artwork match the column size indicated here
•The lettering used in the artwork does not vary too much in size
•Any shading or unnecessary colours and distracting elements have been removed
•Figure files have been named correctly
•All illustrations are provided as separate files
•All artwork is numbered according to its sequence in the text
•Figures have legends and these are listed in the manuscript
•All figures are cited in the text in consecutive order, including any parts
•All abbreviations should appear in alphabetical order