Celeste Cagnazzo

Celeste Cagnazzo (ORCID | ReseearcherID | Scopus AuthorID)

Section Editor for Clinical Research

S.C. Oncoematologia Pediatrica - AOU Città della Salute e della Scienza
Presidio Ospedaliero Infantile Regina Margherita - Turin (Italy)

After her master’s degree in medical biotechnology, Celeste started her career as Clinical Research Coordinator at the Candiolo Cancer Institute (Candiolo - Turin), one of the most prestigious cancer research centers in Northern Italy. Over the following years, she completed her education and training in Clinical Pathology and a first level master's degree in Biostatistics for clinical experimentation and scientific publication.

Since 2013 Celeste has been deeply involved in project management for clinical trials in academics, developing specific skills in the ethical regulatory context. She contributed as an author to several clinical trials for non-profit organizations and has been an active participant in several working groups dedicated to promoting cultural growth in the field of research throughout the territory.

Since 2015 she has been appointed President of the Italian Data Manager Group (GIDM), a non-profit association dedicated to advancing the Data Manager role recognition. It is committed to training in research infrastructures and operates in close collaboration with institutions, aiming to obtain wider acknowledgment for professionals  supporting  clinicians in the management of clinical trials.

Starting from 2019, through a research grant at the University of Turin, Celeste Cagnazzo is within the pediatric oncohematology department at Città della Salute e della Scienza - Ospedale Regina Margherita .