Simultaneous multidisciplinary care pathway for back pain: a new approach for a first-level comprehensive evaluation and treatment to guarantee adequate pain relief and recovery


  • Massimo Allegri Pain Therapy Service, Policlinico Monza Hospital, Monza and M3Salus, Parma - Italy
  • Massimiliano Sacchelli Centro Terapia Riabilitativa Private Clinic, Reggio nell’Emilia and M3Salus, Parma - Italy
  • Dino Sgavicchia Piccole Figlie Hospital, Parma and M3Salus, Parma - Italy
  • Vincenzo Manna Piccole Figlie Hospital, Parma and M3Salus, Parma - Italy
  • Fabio Cappabianca Piccole Figlie Hospital, Parma and M3Salus, Parma - Italy
  • Gabriele Mezzetti Piccole Figlie Hospital, Parma and M3Salus, Parma - Italy
  • Tommaso Laddomada Pain Therapy Service, Policlinico Monza Hospital, Monza - Italy
  • Roberto Citarella Centro Terapia Riabilitativa Private Clinic, Reggio nell’Emilia - Italy
  • Michele Incerti Centro Terapia Riabilitativa Private Clinic, Reggio nell’Emilia, Piccole Figlie Hospital, Parma and Neurosurgery Department, Policlinico Monza Hospital, Monza - Italy



Back pain, Chronic pain, Multisciplinary approach, Radiofrequency, Rehabilitation, Spinal fusion


Low back pain continues to be a major clinical challenge with high direct and indirect societal costs. It is a complex disease with complex pathophysiology both for acute and chronic low back pain.

Although there is consistent evidence about multidisciplinary treatment of low back pain, several different approaches and techniques are proposed, with different results often conflicting among them. In fact, even though the multidisciplinary approach is widely accepted, it is generally applied in different steps involving only one health care providing for each approach. This approach not only does not guarantee a real multidisciplinary vision of this disease but also lacks evaluation of the dynamic changes of the disease according to real patients’ needs.

In our hospital setting we have developed a “simultaneous multidisciplinary care” of low back pain patients in order to overcome these problems and to satisfy all patients’ needs by evaluating and treating all problems causing and related to low back pain. Starting from the existing literature we propose our approach as a new pathway to treat low back patients with a simultaneous multidisciplinary approach.


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