The experience in bariatric surgery – ASUGI of Trieste

L’esperienza in chirurgia bariatrica – ASUGI di Trieste


  • Annamaria Kulla Azienda Sanitaria Universitaria Giuliano-Isontina (ASUGI), Trieste - Italy



Adherence, Assessment, Bariatric surgery, Patient engagement, Patient support program


Introduction: This article illustrates the use of the PHE-S® engagement measurement instrument in bariatric surgery at ASUGI.

Methods: The assessment of the levels of engagement allowed healthcare professionals to differentiate the level of risk and to identify the target of patients with lower adherence to therapies.

Results and Conclusions: This also improved the identification of the best clinical-assistance program, the personalization of the treatment programs and the possibility to verify the effectiveness of the services provided. Knowing the level of engagement and its dynamic evolution over time is fundamental to adopt specific strategies and to allow people to reach or maintain positive life trajectories.



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Patient engagement: the Trieste experience

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