A patient who does not like insulin

Un paziente che non ama l’insulina

  • Paola Ubaldi Istituto Baluardo, Genova - Italy
Keywords: Type 2 diabetes, Metastatic cancer, EGFR antagonist, Corticosteroid, Empagliflozin


Hypoglycemic therapy over the past 20 years has expanded considerably with the use of new classes of more effective and safer medicines. Alongside the aging of the general population, the survival of diabetic subjects has significantly increased, thus exposing them to a greater risk of developing co-morbidities. This represents a challenge for the diabetologist, who must acquire ever broader concepts for the management of a complex and multi-organ disease. We report the case of a 72-year-old woman with type 2 diabetes mellitus and pulmonary adenocarcinoma of the right upper lobe with brain and bone metastases who, subjected to innovative and integrated treatments agreed between specialists of different disciplines, is still alive and free of cancer symptoms 23 months after diagnosis (Diabetology)

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